February 25, 2016

Industrial Vintage Charming

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Furniture Industrial Vintage

Furniture Industrial Vintage


Industrial history of the building

Adriane enlisted the help of her good friend and building designer Bohdan Kuzyk because he understood what she was trying to create. “I wanted the second storey to reflect the industrial history of the building while still being clearly a new addition,” Adriane explains. She incorporated recycled timber and building materials, rusted iron and black corrugated iron to achieve this result. “From the outside the upper storey looks a bit like a shipping container dropped on the roof,” she laughs. As well as saving money, second-hand materials come with their own history. Using recycled products also reduces the impact on the environment, which Adriane has kept in mind throughout the renovations.

Kitchen Facilities in house

Kitchen Facilities in house

General feeling of space and light of the building

Adriane has created a relaxing, calm space using a soft palette of neutrals in chalky textures. “I like using a limited palette of natural colours with just an occasional small area of strongĀ colour, such as table and chair set, reclining chairs, the blackboard wall off the kitchen. I wanted to keep the general feeling of space and light,” she explains. Adriane loves to use limewash on the walls. “It looks a bit more aged and gives a sense of depth to the colour and space. A solid colour would look wrong in this building,” she says.
Adriane is currently collecting a mix of recycled floorboards for the bathroom and Lucy’s bedroom. She also found some rusty perforated metal sheets, originally used for drying hops in an old brewery nearby. “I’m going to use them as balustrades on the balconies,” she says. “I imagine the guys that once worked here in the coathanger factory would have got their beer from that brewery.”
The spaceĀ is constantly evolving and Adriane still has plenty of jobs on her to-do list. “I expect by the time the renovation is finished I’ll either be ready to do more with it or start another one,” she says. “Maybe it’s just another creative outlet for me – I don’t think you really clock off as a painter, builder or cook. I’m always creating something.”

French furniture brand Gautier

French furniture brand Gautier is proudly different from its competition in the growing UK home furnishings sector. Gautier is famous for recliners, sleeper sofas, and luxurious table sets. For over 50 years the family –owned business has designed and manufactured unique and stylish contemporary furniture ranges for their discerning customers around the world. And almost uniquely within the furniture market, Gautier continues to design and manufacture in France, at its triple ISO-accredited factories in The Vendee. It is this commitment to stylish French living that gives Gautier’s stunning products the unique look and feel that consumers find so appealing.
In the UK, the brand has exciting plans for expansion. At the centre of these plans is the rollout of its highly successful franchise store concept, which has already grown to 100 Gautier shops globally since its launch in 2005. There is a beautiful flagship store established in London and additional targeted locations have been pinpointed throughout the UK. All will showcase the signature furniture collections, which offer modular solutions for childrens’ bedrooms, adult bedrooms, living and dining rooms. With a comprehensive UK marketing plan and soon-to-be-launched new cutting edge UK website, Gautier offer all the tools required in order for its growing network of franchisees to enjoy commercial success.
French furniture

French furniture

Clever furniture solutions and creative space with best recliners and sofas, an tables on wheels


FRIENDS often drop in to architect Sara Giese Camre’s apartment. So much so that she’s redesigned and furnished the place to accommodate the constant flow of people, as well as her ever-changing decorating schemes. The home features open-plan living spaces and clever furniture solutions, such as tables on wheels, recliner chairs, and sleeper sofas, so she can rearrange zones on a whim to suit the occasion or mood.

Redesign her apartment with open space

She wants to redesign her apartment with open space by exploiting new design of tables on wheels, sleeper sofas and recliners for saving spaces

Her apartment

Sara rented this 150-sq-m apartment for two years until she bought it with the intention of giving it a major makeover. “The apartment included a long corridor with six small, dark bedrooms,” Sara says.

But she could see the potential. After sketching for almost a year, she came up with the design for a spacious apartment with a huge living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus open-plan kitchen-dining area with a luxious dining table.

Open plan kitchen at her apartment

Open plan kitchen at her apartment