August 28, 2016

Elegant interiors and rental apartments

Can elegant interiors and rental apartments coexist? Contributing real living stylist Kirsten Bookallil proves it’s possible. People know about her for her great styling aesthetic which doesn’t forgo comfort or function. It follows, then, that the apartment where she lives, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, is at once a functional family home while retaining Kirsten’s refined decorating sensibilities.

Living stylist and housing furniture

Living stylist and housing furniture

“We love the hacienda style of the building, and internally, it’s like a house but has the character of an apartment,” says Kirsten, who rents the space with her partner Nik and daughters Stella and Bronte. The spacious home features charming quirks such as pretty Laura Ashley wallpaper papered over a bathroom wall, low-lying windowsills, elegant tables and chairs with colorful sofas and several tiny rooms – perfect for extra storage.

Stylish magic and Transform spaces in the house

Painted throughout in Dulux “Whisper White”, the apartment’s neutral palette and clean lines prove an ideal canvas upon which to weave some stylish magic. Although restricted in making major changes, Kirsten has employed a few tricks to transform the space into her home. Clusters of photographs and paintings lean on shelves above the fireplace in the living room, which avoids the need to make unnecessary nail holes in the walls; set it up with sofas and recliners. Many of them are by Kirsten’s uncle, acclaimed South African artist William Kentridge, which brings a highly personal touch to the space. “Artwork to us is emotive rather than just there for the aesthetic; they’re gifts from friends and family,” Kirsten says.

Sylist building interior

Sylist building interior

But it’s the home office/dining room that proves the piece de resistance. It successfully shows that one room can be used for two different activities. For example,  Kirsten bought several best recliners after referring recliner reviews from the online site like Cuddly Home Advisors , which can be used as working chairs, or for doing excercise, for relaxing purpose, or even sleeping.  Large, work-oriented moodboards easily morph into wall art when the room is used for dining, and the desk doubles as the dining table that it is!

Bank building

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Antiquated offices

Cried all the way to the bank building. What Maisel got is a soaring lobby and five levels of antiquated offices with room numbers still gold-leafed on the frosted-glass inserts of heavy oak doors–609, for instance, is the master bedroom. He uses the top floor as living quarters and the ground floor as an office. At 36,000 square feet, though, the place is so big that he’s able to devote the second and third floors to galleries, where he displays the large color prints sold directly to collectors, and the fourth and fifth to workshops, where he either stores tools or exhibits art or, in a variety of ingenious ways, does both at once.


Among his artistic soul mates is Louise Nevelson, who turned urban detritus into some of the 20th century’s most compelling sculpture. But while Nevelson covered her surfaces in paint to create unified compositions, Maisel tends to keep raw materials, from screwdrivers to plastic eyeballs, exactly as he found them.

Another kindred spirit is Charles Eames, whom Maisel knew–and whose Los Angeles studio was the kind of tinker’s wonderland that Maisel has emulated on the Bowery. Eames, of course, was a modernist. Maisel insists he’s a modernist, too, at heart. “I always aim for Bauhaus,” he says. “But I end up with Salvation Army. I just have no restraint.” Perhaps he’s simply asserting his right to be different. He recalls his mother’s favorite admonition: “When you grow up and have your own house, you’ll do it your way.”

Sixth-floor family quarters