Paint it! Quick cures for boring walls; You don’t need to go to a huge amount of expense or effort to transform your home. Just look at these cool paint colour combos

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COLOUR is alive again. Expect interiors to become vibrant following fashion’s bright and bold combos in the spring/summer ’11 collections, which is where we took our colour cues from when creating these “wow” walls and great decor with furniture sets. It’s all about the stripes this season!



Hallways can easily become dark and boring, but they’re best suited to a bold design. After all, they provide the first impression of your home. To create interest here we painted the top half of the wall in a vibrant Hermes-inspired orange and the lower half in white. We then created a striking herringbone design after taking inspiration from a chic suit from the S/S ’11 Sportsmax collection (below). With such a strong pattern it’s best to keep the other walls in the space simple.

White and Orange color for hallway

White and Orange color for hallway



Classic stripes continue to be popular in fashion, and there’s no reason this look can’t be used in interiors – in a variety of hues. Softer shades were used here to create a cool and calming scheme. We marked a halfway line in pencil on the wall and used a soft blue shade for the complete top half section of the wall. When dry, stripes were drawn in pencil 10cm apart on the lower half of the wall and alternating colours of grey and blue were painted.



Yes, young girls often want pink bedrooms. To stay away from the sickly sweet trap, not only did we knock some of the pink out of the room by teaming the pink shades with a white stripe, but we also introduced a stronger, contrasting berry stripe. The wall was painted white and when dry a halfway line was marked in pencil horizontally along the wall. We then marked lines 10cm apart vertically on the top half of the wall, and 10cm apart horizontally on the bottom half. The pink stripes were marked off with masking tape and painted.

Pink bedroom for your girls

Pink bedroom for your girls



The bold yet feminine colours in this room were inspired by Prada’s S/S ’11 collection. Teaming fuchsia with black is a great way to introduce a girly colour in a palatable amount. To achieve this look we first masked off the sections on the wall where we wanted the pink stripes to be positioned – a 3cm width for the top stripe, 15cm for the wider pink stripe, with a 2.5cm space in between left unmasked for the thin black line. We then painted the remainder of the wall black. When dry we painted the pink areas. Simple yet effective.



This colour combo was inspired by an image taken at the Celine S/S ’11 ready-to-wear show. The bold blue and kelly green had been on the shoulders of the top and red was used on the waistband, which goes to show you can take colour inspiration from anywhere! To create this look we painted the wall white and marked off lines from the half-way height downwards in pencil – 10cm width for the blue stripe, 5cm for green, 15cm gap left for the white, 5cm for the green again, and repeated the pattern, leaving a 5cm width for the lower white stripe. The skirting board, like the waistband, is a bold red, as is the Starburst wall clock, which ties the look together. CELINE S/S 2011 runway photography getty images 56 www.



Stimulate conversation with bold colours in your dining room with a classical wood-based dining table and stylist chair sets. We used the bottom half of a Prada dress as inspiration for our scheme. The wall was divided into thirds, masked off and then painted. If you don’t feel brave enough to use such vibrant colours in your home, simply opt for a different colour combo – eg, three shades of the same colour (just double the strength for one option, and halve the strength for another option). Alternatively, find a piece of fabric you love and use three colours from that as your starting point. With such dominant walls it’s a good idea to keep the pendants in the space simple yet strong in form.

Bold colours for your dining room

Bold colours for your dining room

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