Creative SPACE; An architect redesigns her apartment, opening up the home’s potential and adding plenty of personality along the way

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Clever furniture solutions and creative space with best recliners and sofas, an tables on wheels


FRIENDS often drop in to architect Sara Giese Camre’s apartment. So much so that she’s redesigned and furnished the place to accommodate the constant flow of people, as well as her ever-changing decorating schemes. The home features open-plan living spaces and clever furniture solutions, such as tables on wheels, recliner chairs, and sleeper sofas, so she can rearrange zones on a whim to suit the occasion or mood.

Redesign her apartment with open space

She wants to redesign her apartment with open space by exploiting new design of tables on wheels, sleeper sofas and recliners for saving spaces

Her apartment

Sara rented this 150-sq-m apartment for two years until she bought it with the intention of giving it a major makeover. “The apartment included a long corridor with six small, dark bedrooms,” Sara says.

But she could see the potential. After sketching for almost a year, she came up with the design for a spacious apartment with a huge living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus open-plan kitchen-dining area with a luxious dining table.

Open plan kitchen at her apartment

Open plan kitchen at her apartment


The timeline was tight, but with the help of an expert building team, Sara carried out the renovation in just six weeks. “It was a major project – walls were torn down, new water pipes and drains had to be fitted and a 10-metre-long steel-beam bearer had to be lifted in through the window,” Sara says. To save money, she painted the walls, ceiling and floors herself – and still keeps cans of paint on hand because she constantly discovers moulding or borders that need another coat. Sara chose white for all the surfaces because “it really makes the furniture stand out”.

…And what she does for interior design

The interior design is a patchwork of furniture that Sara has bought or built herself when the need arose. “A lot of my finances were used on the renovation, which meant I had to be creative when it came to the interior design,” she says. “I built the coffee table myself from MDF boards and had it coated with car paint.” Where Sara did choose to invest was on the sofa and lamps. “Lighting is important,” she says. “You can create an atmosphere with light, enhance a corner, hide something”

Light design is important in a house

Light design is important in a house

Sara is constantly surrounded by design and tries to keep herself up to date with the latest innovations, but is also fond of classics, “especially the Danish furniture designs”, she says.

Sara is inspired by travel, too, and adapts different cultural aesthetics to her own home. At the moment, she is strongly influenced by Japan. “On a recent trip there I bought a lot of fabric and rolls of fine paper that I have used to make cushions and decorate boxes with,” she says. But this scheme isn’t permanent. “In six months’ time everything will most probably look different, when I’m onto my next ‘thing’.”

“I’m passionate about creating,” Sara says of her evolving home. “Actually, I just can’t help it.”

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